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Monster Legends Top Up

Monster Legends Top Up

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Screenshot the pack or packs you want and reply to automated email with the appropriate information.

Note: This is a third-party top up service. All transactions are purchased legitimately through the in-game store.


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  • About Monster Legends

    Monster Legends is a free-to-play mobile and browser-based game developed by Social Point. The game was first released in 2013 and has since become a popular game in the monster collecting genre.

    In Monster Legends, players collect, breed, and train a variety of monsters, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Players can build habitats for their monsters, feed and level them up, and engage in battles with other players or computer-controlled opponents.

    The gameplay of Monster Legends involves a combination of strategy, resource management, and RPG-style battles. Players must strategically breed and train their monsters to create a team that can compete and win in battles.

  • Gems Usage

    1. Monster Eggs: Players can use gems to purchase eggs, which can hatch into new monsters.
    2. Gold and Food: Gems can be used to purchase gold and food, which are essential resources for breeding and training monsters.
    3. Monster Cells: Gems can be used to purchase monster cells, which can be used to craft new monsters.
    4. Monster Vault: Gems can be used to expand the capacity of the Monster Vault, allowing players to store more monsters.
    5. Timer Skips: Gems can be used to skip the wait time and instantly complete the action, allowing players to progress faster through the game.
  • How to Top Up

    1. Enter the amount you wish to add to your account.
    2. Select the payment method you want to use, such as credit card, debit card, or mobile payment.
    3. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information.
    4. Review the details of your top-up, including the amount and payment method, to make sure everything is correct.
    5. Confirm the transaction to complete the top-up process.
    6. Respond to confirmation email with proper information to receive Monster Legends Gems!