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    Become a confident gamer

    Upgrade your gameplay with packs that unlock the resources you need to level up into a stronger player.

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    Spend less and compete more

    Save money on cost-efficient packs so you can get more resources to help you compete and win in your favorite game.

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    Join a resourceful community

    Be part of an online community that makes your gaming experience more pleasurable and fun with special discounts, raffles and more.

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    Step 1: Purchase a mobile game pack

    Buy affordable packs that give you the upper hand when going against other players.

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    Step 2: Share account login

    After you purchase your game pack, you will receive a confirmation email where you will share your login information to allow PackAttack to deliver your new pack.

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    Step 3: Receive your pack within minutes

    Once you share your login info, you will receive your new pack within minutes ready to help you smash your competition. We request account access ONLY to deliver your pack. Nothing else.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How long does the process take?

Once the payment is received, you’ll receive an automated email asking for login information, server and game ID. Once all appropriate information is provided, the items will be delivered/processed within approximately 30 minutes.

2. Will I get banned or receive a negative balance using this services?

No. While using third-party services is against most games TOS, there has never been an account banned or given a negative balance. Purchase at your own discretion. 

3. How can you provide a discount on these items?

While we don’t have an official affiliation with the game providers, all purchases are made legitimately through the App Store. The discount is possible due to regional pricing.

4. Is login information required?

Login information is required for most Top Up orders. This information is only used to process the orders, which is handled with great care and confidentiality. Trusted by thousands of games worldwide (check out our reviews!).

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