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RuneScape Latest Updates (August 30th)

Greetings, RuneScape Players! As the world of Gielinor keeps evolving, we're here to bring you the freshest news and updates from your favorite virtual realm. Let's dive straight into the latest developments and thrilling events that await!

Necromancy Community Round Up

Livestream Calendar

Make a note for Tuesday, August 29th, at 16:00 Game Time, as we unveil the highly anticipated September Update! Remember that mysterious "Major Update TBA" from the Necromancy Development Update? The wait is finally over. Get ready for an exclusive preview of an exciting new addition to RuneScape's core experience. Tune in to the live stream on Twitch.TV/RuneScape to catch all the action.

Treasure Hunter Calendar

New Format for Assassin's Return!

Starting August 31st and running through September 6th, brace yourselves for the grand return of the Faceless Assassins with a fresh twist – Assassin's Return! Engage in thrilling contracts to earn guaranteed pieces of the brand-new Faceless Enforcer Outfit, along with its alternate color variations and the envy-inducing Enforcer Walk Animation Override!

Contracts come with enticing rewards, each assigned randomly. Fulfill your contract swiftly and masterfully, as this captivating promotion is set to fade away by September 6th.

Patch Notes

Let's delve into the refinements and enhancements in this week's game update:

Necromancy - General

  • Rectified a typo in the Remains of the Necrolord quest.
  • The Soul Urn no longer fills when using a Deathtouched Dart on an active Reaper assignment or during practice mode.
  • Necromancy Spirits' Death Mark no longer disrupts encounters.
  • Various fixes and improvements within the City of Um Runecrafting area.
  • Correct display of Deflect Necromancy curse on the buff bar.
  • Combat mechanics adjustments, including proper triggering of auto-retaliation after attack dodging.
  • Typos in the Necromancy! quest and achievement descriptions have been corrected.
  • Crafting Necroplasm now directs you to the Ritual Candles tab if you have candle materials.
  • Wilderness combat level calculation has been rectified.
  • Various usability enhancements for smoother gameplay.

General Improvements

  • Refined mechanics for Hardcore Ironman deaths: No more item drops, and players head to Death's Office for item reclamation at a fee.
  • Enhanced Hardcore Ironman rules for a better gaming experience.
  • Multiple fixes across the game, including achievements, graphical enhancements, and quality-of-life adjustments.
  • Improved accessibility and navigation throughout the game world.
  • Exciting additions to the Task Set User Interface for efficient task management.
  • And much more!

Stay tuned, adventurers, for more exciting updates and events in the ever-expanding universe of RuneScape. Until then, keep exploring, battling, and unraveling the mysteries of Gielinor. See you in the game!

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