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Neural Cloud Latest Event Update! (August 23)

New Doll: Zangyin

  • Introducing Zangyin, a 3-Star sniper-class Doll manufactured by Cyber Media.
  • Zangyin debuts in the "Seeker of Mysteries" banner with a boosted drop rate.
  • The banner runs until September 19, 2023, giving you ample time to add her to your roster.

Rerun Banners - Enhanced Drop Rates

  • Get ready for a lineup of rerun banners showcasing 3-Star characters.
  • "Fists of Fury" and "Private Bespoke" banners offer increased drop rates for featured Dolls.
  • Don't miss the "Special Search" banner, guaranteeing a minimum of one 3-Star Doll.
  • These opportunities to strengthen your team will be available until September 5, 2023.

Upcoming Banners: September 5-19, 2023

  • September brings two more exciting banners to the forefront.
  • "Stellar Night With You" and "Temptation in White" banners feature 3-Star Dolls Nanaka and Florence.
  • Take advantage of these boosted drop rates to enhance your squad's capabilities.

Thrilling Limited-Time Events

  • The "Labor Gift Event" kicks off on August 24 and lasts until August 31.
    • Earn Labor Gift boxes containing Quartz Sand, Reconfiguration Generators, Skill Pivots, and more.
    • Opening 10 Labor Gifts rewards you with a valuable Sweeper Robot.
  • The "Ruintop Song Event" starts on August 29, offering event stages, achievements, and enticing rewards.
  • Gear up for the "Increased X2 Drops Event" running from September 8-15, where Resource Collection missions yield five times the loot.

Projections and Outfit Reruns

  • Zangyin takes center stage with her very own Neural Cloud Projection - "Frontline Blitz" from the Fighting Spirit Series.
  • Rerun outfits are making a comeback, including:
    • "Drugged Chocolate" for Florence
    • "Addictive Affections" for Vee
    • "Pollen Pulse" for De Lacey
    • "Crisp Nursery Rhyme" for Angela
  • Grab these stunning outfits before they vanish on September 19, 2023.

Elevate Your Base with Furniture Sets

  • The "LOFT" furniture set rerun edition offers a chance to style up your base.
  • Unlock this set as a reward by activating and upgrading the Multichannel Battle Pass.

Arma Inscripta Enhancement

  • Turing's "Call of Illumination" is the new Arma Inscripta in town.
  • Enhance Turing's Passive, Task Force Mecha-Hounds, and Auto Skill, Reductional Chain, with this powerful addition.

Magrasea Battle Pass and New Exploration Mode

  • Magrasea Battle Pass Season 11 runs from September 4 to October 2, featuring daily missions for Activity Points and generous rewards.
  • Unlock the intriguing "Exception Protocol" mode by clearing Helios Sector Stage 3-2 and achieving 3500 points in Advanced and Special Protocol.
  • The Exception Protocol is set to open its doors on August 28.

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