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Minecraft Latest Update (Pre-release) (Sep. 5th)

Greetings, fellow crafters and builders!

Minecraft enthusiasts, get ready to dive into the latest Pre-Release 1 of Minecraft 1.20.2! With this pre-release, we're moving into a phase of fine-tuning, focusing primarily on bug fixes and tweaks until the next snapshot cycle. Expect more frequent releases in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. Without further ado, let's explore the exciting changes in Pre-release 1!

Changes in the Recipe Book Search:

  • The Recipe Book search now works differently. It will match the beginning of any word in the item's name. For example, searching "tor" will show Torch and Redstone Torch but not Daylight Detector anymore.

  • All recipes, including those that haven't been unlocked, will now appear in search results. This helps experienced players find the recipes they need, even if they haven't unlocked them, without overwhelming new players.

  • Structure icons on explorer maps sold by Cartographers have been updated.

  • When villagers unlock new trades, the order of those trades in the UI is now always random, eliminating predictability.

Technical Changes:

  • The data pack version has been bumped up to 18.

  • Client options are now sent during the configuration network phase when joining a server, enhancing the network setup.

Data Pack Version 18:

This data pack version addresses issues with execute if function and return run functionality. Due to the complexities and bugs involved (see bugs MC-264595, MC-264699, and MC-264710), these commands have been removed for now. They will be reintroduced in the next snapshot series, allowing for thorough testing and improvements in collaboration with pack makers.

  • The execute if|unless function command form has been removed.

  • The return run command form has been removed.

  • Numbers used as macro arguments are now always inserted without suffixes, regardless of numeric type.

  • A new game rule called "enderPearlsVanishOnDeath" has been added. It controls whether thrown ender pearls vanish when the player who threw them dies (default is true).

Experimental Features:

Villager Trade Rebalance Part 2:

This pre-release introduces the second part of the Villager Trade Rebalance experiment. It's important to note that this experiment has no impact on normal worlds. To try out these changes, you must enable the Feature Toggle in the Experiments Menu when creating a new world. Your feedback is invaluable as Mojang aims to rebalance the villager trade system, making it fair and enjoyable for all players. These changes are still considered experimental as they undergo refinement, so your input is highly appreciated. Share your thoughts [here](link to feedback page)!

Cartographer Update:

Previously, Cartographers only sold maps to the Ocean Monument and Woodland Mansion. In this experiment, Cartographers can now sell seven new maps that lead to different villages or structures, helping players find various biomes more efficiently. Cartographers from different biomes offer distinct maps, making it possible to explore a wide range of locations by following maps from village to village.

There you have it, crafters and builders! Pre-Release 1 of Minecraft 1.20.2 introduces a host of exciting changes and experiments that promise to enrich your Minecraft experience. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to share your feedback with Mojang. Happy crafting!

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