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Black Desert Mobile Latest New Class Update! (August 16th)

Unleash Wizardry in Our Latest Update: Meet the Wizard Class!

Greetings, fellow adventurers! The long-awaited August 8th update has arrived, and it's packed to the brim with thrilling content, exciting events, and crucial fixes. Let's dive right into the enchanting highlights:

Introducing the Wizard Class

Prepare to be captivated by the mystical powers of the new Wizard class! Armed with a potent combination of a Rod and Knife, the Wizard channels the raw energy of primal elements to cast devastating spells. Their insatiable thirst for arcane knowledge fuels their mastery over elements, making them an awe-inspiring force to reckon with on the battlefield.

Key Features of the Wizard Class

  • Auspicious Arrival: The Wizard enters the world already Ascended, wielding Universal Main and Sub-Weapons that promise versatile combat dynamics.
  • Explosive Arcana: Step into large-scale battles and let loose explosive magical skills that set the battlefield ablaze with their dazzling power.
  • Elemental Mastery: Harness the core skill, "Elemental Flow," to strategically decrease cooldowns and recover MP, ensuring a continuous onslaught of arcane abilities.
  • Resonant Recall: "Mana Echo," a passive skill, allows the Wizard to recall and reuse their most recent magical skill, creating opportunities for tactical maneuvering.
  • Spellbinding Skills: Dive into a diverse arsenal of skills, including "Earth's Response," "Lightning Storm," and "Teleportation," each offering a unique approach to strategic engagement.

Balancing for Enhanced Gameplay

In tandem with the introduction of the Wizard class, existing magic-wielding classes have undergone meticulous balancing adjustments, resulting in heightened prowess during large-scale battles. Skills have been meticulously refined to boost efficiency and provide a truly engaging gameplay experience.

Embrace the Events

Our lineup of captivating events includes "Bounty Missions! Holy Vial Tier UP" and the intriguing "Black Spirit Ice Statue" event. The rewards are not to be missed!

Adorn Your Character

Delve into the Pearl Shop to discover a captivating array of new outfits, allowing you to breathe fresh life into your character's appearance and truly stand out on the battlefield

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