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Marvel Contest of Champions: New Event Unveiled (June 26th)

June 2023: Metal Infestation Takes Over the Battlerealm!

Attention, fellow Summoners! Brace yourselves for an epic battle against an inter-dimensional threat that has invaded the Battlerealm. Prepare to face the relentless onslaught of mechanical Spider-Bots pouring out of an inter-dimensional portal. These out-of-control creatures have been replicating themselves uncontrollably, posing a grave danger to our realm.

Thankfully, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) has managed to disable their self-replication feature. However, the battle is far from over, and he needs your assistance! The Spider-Bots are currently contained within a specific sector of the Battlerealm, but their confinement is uncertain. We must act swiftly to prevent their escape and ensure the safety of our realm.

Event Duration: Starting from June 7th, 2023, at 17:00 UTC, until July 12th, 2023, at 17:00 UTC.

Quest Details:

  • The event consists of a single path with seven fights.
  • Each fight features randomized defenders from a pool of five per node.
  • Enter the quest using S.E.I.Z. Devices, which can be acquired by completing Solo Event Milestones.

Spider-Bot Rewards:

  • Accumulate Spider-Bots by defeating the Spider-Bot enemies.
  • Spend Spider-Bots in the Spider-Exchange Store.
  • Exclusive rewards include profile pics featuring iconic Spider-Man variations.

Solo Event Milestones:

  • Complete objectives in various game modes to earn milestone points and valuable items.
  • Milestones provide S.E.I.Z. Devices and other rewards.
  • Eliminate the risk of losing out on entry items with the milestone-based structure.

Solo Objectives:

  • "Stomping Spiders" objective challenges you to defeat various versions of Spider-Man and his allies in different game modes.
  • Rewards include Spider-Bots and the prestigious "Made it Rain" title.

Special Bundles:

  • Exclusive bundles in the Spider-Exchange Store tailored to higher-ranked Summoners.

Remember, time is of the essence! Gather your champions, equip yourself with S.E.I.Z. Devices, and prepare to engage in a battle like no other. The fate of the Battlerealm rests in your hands. Clear all milestones, exterminate the Spider-Bots, and prove yourself as the ultimate hero. Good luck, Summoners!

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