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Girls' Frontline May Update! (May 1st)

Greetings, Commanders!

Exciting news for all Girls' Frontline players! Starting May 2nd and lasting until May 8th, both the Soiree Sonata and Summer Waltz resupply gacha reruns will be available. Don't miss out on this opportunity to exchange tickets and obtain amazing rewards! Remember, exchange tickets are calculated separately in each pool, so be sure to swipe and switch between different gachas.

For those seeking some extra flair, Defender's Stardust Veil will also be available in the "Night in the Galaxy" gacha starting May 2nd. Brace yourself for an emotional surge once the veil is lifted! Will you still have the courage to approach her?

100 Shiki's Tale of the Butterflies is another must-have accessory available in the "Night in the Galaxy" gacha starting May 2nd. Did you know that a red butterfly will transform into the person you hold dear? Keep that in mind while pulling for this beautiful item.

For the tactical-minded, FP-6's Folding Stock is a valuable asset to have. Fortunately, you can obtain it as a login reward this May! Don't miss out on the chance to have ease of operation in confined spaces.

In honor of Girls' Frontline's 5th anniversary, ten 5th Anniversary Special Supply Boxes will be sent to your mailbox every day from May 8th to May 14th. Be sure to open each box for a chance to obtain various rewards, including limited costumes. And if you're lucky enough to open 70 supply boxes, you'll receive at least one costume!

But that's not all! ZB-26's Swaying Black Rose, Gr SL8's Spectral Fizz, and Type 88's Here Comes the Goddess of Love will all be available in the "Night in the Galaxy" gacha starting May 2nd. Each costume is unique and features Live2D animation.

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