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Call of Duty Mobile Latest Update (August 2nd)

Get ready for an action-packed summer as Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 - Heat Wave arrives! Explore new maps, engage in thrilling modes, and unlock a plethora of rewards. Let's dive into what this scorching season has in store for you!

New Content Highlights:

  1. Seaside Multiplayer Map:

    • Journey to Spain's picturesque Seaside map.
    • Battle through markets, wine cellars, and rooftops.
    • Control the central courtyard for a strategic advantage.
  2. Safeguard Mode:

    • Escort a vulnerable robotic companion across the map.
    • Protect the robot from enemy attacks.
    • First team to secure two rounds wins, with overtime if tied.
  3. Heat Wave Battle Pass:

    • Free and premium items like Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints.
    • Premium Pass offers exclusive beach-ready Operator Skins.
    • Unlock epic ocean-themed Weapon Blueprints.
  4. Tournament Mode Update: Rewards Spinner:

    • Boost your earnings with the Rewards Spinner.
    • Earn Call of Duty Points for premium content.
  5. Summer Sizzle Themed Event:

    • Complete challenges to earn BBQ Coupons.
    • Unlock tasty rewards as the heat level rises.
  6. New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events:

    • Complete challenges for exclusive rewards.
    • Earn Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and more.
  7. Hot Deals in the Summer Sale:

    • Enjoy discounts on limited-time content.
    • Unlock epic Operator Skins and Legendary Blueprints.
  8. Store Update: New Mythic Weapon and More:

    • Obtain the formidable Mythic AK117 - Grim Ending Weapon Blueprint.
    • Chance to earn the Nyx - Death Knell Operator Skin and more.
  9. Elite of the Elite Battle Pass Vault:

    • Unlock epic-rarity Operators and powerful Weapon Blueprints.

The heat is on in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 - Heat Wave! Embark on thrilling missions in the Seaside map, protect the robot in Safeguard mode, and collect a wealth of rewards through the Battle Pass, events, and sales. Don't miss out on this scorching summer adventure! Season 7 launches on August 2 at 5 PM PT. See you on the battlefield, soldiers!

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