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Another Eden Latest Update (New Events, New Features, Free Credits) (April 18th)

Greetings, Eden Players!

Today, we have some exciting news about the latest scenario content for the popular game, Another Eden. Get ready to embark on a new adventure with Apocrypha "Wanderer in the Vortex" Chapter 5: The Undiscovered Babylon!

But before you dive into this exciting new chapter, make sure to play through "Kingdom of Magic, Cochlea," as it's a requirement to start the new content. The developers are always thinking of new ways to make the game more engaging and enjoyable for players, and this new chapter promises to be just that!

In addition to the new chapter, there are some exciting new features that have been added to the game. Meet Mariel's Extra Style (CV: Jessica McDonald), and experience her new support effect, "Praying." Unlike "Singing," this effect ends when you take HP damage, but you can still strengthen allies while acting. These new additions add a fresh new layer of depth to the game's strategy and gameplay.

Another exciting development is the introduction of Support Effects, where the character using the effect will be affected by certain statuses. In return, your allies will receive various powerful buffs. Support Effects end after a certain number of turns have passed, so use them wisely!

In celebration of the release of Apocrypha "Wanderer in the Vortex" Chapter 5: The Undiscovered Babylon, the developers have launched the Apocrypha "The Undiscovered Babylon" Release Celebration Social Media Campaign. Reach 1500 reactions to the campaign posts on all global social media channels for 300 CS💎. The campaign ends on April 18, 14:59 (UTC), so hurry up and participate!

Last but not least, Another Eden Japan Version is celebrating its 6th Anniversary with a special gift for all players. To thank you for playing, the developers are sending everyone 💎1000 Chronos Stones💎. Don't forget to log in and claim them by May 11, 2023, 14:59 (UTC)!

We hope you're as excited about the new developments in Another Eden as we are! Make sure to keep an eye out for in-game notices and announcements for more information on the latest updates and events. Happy gaming!

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