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RuneScape April Update! (New Events, Frank's Chest, New season) (April 10th)

The Spring Festival event is back and Frank's Free Chest 2 is available in RuneScape's most recent update, along with a number of other updates and improvements, so it's time to celebrate the season. You won't want to miss this amazing event if you're a RuneScape lover.

The Spring Festival event, which is one of the most eagerly awaited ones in the RuneScape community, is returning for another year. Players can collect Spring Tokens, participate in Clue Hunts, and fight the Giant Guthixian Butterfly in the area south of the Archaeology Guild, where the event is taking place. The Spring Festival will take place from April 3 through April 16, 2023, this year.

You may receive directions to Lost Easter Baskets while pursuing your regular adventures as you progress through the Spring Festival event. With Spring Tokens, you may also buy maps. Players can add adorable bunny ears to any of their skill pets by locating the basket since it will give them the brand-new Skilling Pet Bunny Ear Token. A lovely Easter Egg or the Basket itself, as well as two things from the thrilling prize list, are additional prizes in this year's spring festival

Frank's Free Chests are back, which is another wonderful update to the RuneScape universe. Since January 2023, players have been able to earn rewards by collecting keys for Redbeard Frank, who can be located in Port Sarim in front of The Rusty Anchor. The mechanics of this event have changed slightly as a result of the most recent update.

On April 5, 2023, RuneScape will bring back Frank's Free Chests, but this time, Keys won't be required to unlock rewards. Bits of Eight is a new event currency that RuneScape is releasing in its place. Players can win up to 16 Bits of Eight per week when this event begins by earning one Bit each day upon logging in and one Bit for every hour played. A Pirate Plunder, which comes with a Doubloons title, an item from the Regular or Special treasure, and a random assortment of pirate-themed cosmetics, is given out after earning 16 Bits.

That's not all, though! With the Unwelcome Guests update from the most recent update, a new Fort Forinthry Season is also available. Despite the Fort's construction, there are still new threats in the surrounding wilderness that must be dealt with. To defend the Fort and complete the Fort Forinthry Season's next phase, you'll need to improve your slaying abilities.

The Unwelcome Guests update includes a time-consuming mini-quest starring The Raptor, your new Slayer Master. Build the new Guardhouse and finish Slayer Tasks at practically any level to receive bonuses wherever you are. Add new defenses and guards to your fort to increase its protection in a thematic way. Slayer is the focus of this update, as new Slayer monsters are popping up all over the Fort. There are challenges for Slayers of all skill levels, ranging from vicious Skeletons and Ghosts up to the dreadful Armoured Phantoms.

You'll receive additional rewards for completing these tasks, including the possibility to obtain the Greater Sonic Wave Ability Codex. If you have the Greater Chain ability upgrade unlocked, you can combine it with Greater Sonic Wave in AOE instances to gain a significant amount of damage for a brief period of time.

All players who have finished Murder on the Border and have 10 Slayer and 50 Construction are welcome in Unwelcome Guests. Go to Varrock Palace and utilize the gateway to start the New Foundations Quest to get started on the Fort and start your journey through this Season's content.

So what are you waiting for? Join the celebration and take part in the Spring Festival event

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